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Spread The Love To Someone Today

February 14, 2014

You know that sometimes you can be inspired by some of the simplest of things in life. These can range from tender kindness from someone you watch from afar to the very obvious “miracles” that happens in the life of some of the people who live all around us. I had in the past written on this blog saying that we should try to spread the love to someone and touch someone’s life – this I must confess a good number of people to be honest already do; Nigerians are generally happy, cheerful and loving people.

Today, I want to stretch that thought a bit further. I got inspired watching some inspirational stories from friends who have dedicated their lives in bringing smiles to other people – people they rarely know and it touched me. The other day, I saw the blackberry messenger display picture of a friend in which some pre-teen girls were thanking her for giving them an opportunity to go to school. It brings emotions to me – yes, I get emotional sometimes and its one of the few things I am grateful to God about – after all, I’m human after all.

I know a lot of people contribute weekly to their church activities and other support groups that champion one cause or the other but today I really want to encourage someone to do something new, something different from the norm – touch the life of a total stranger, someone you neither know nor has helped you so you don’t feel like it’s a payback. It may sound crazy but you see for some of these people, the closest thing to God that they can experience is human kindness from another being.

Sometimes, we get carried away in life with our personal battles. I am not talking about a situation where a man who has 10 children already runs to you to ask for money because his wife is pregnant again but where those who cant make it in life genuinely need your support. While it will be the individual’s prerogative to help anyone, I believe the man with 10 children is irresponsible and requires family planning – period!

Please don’t get me wrong and I am not saying we shouldn’t help our friends, far from it! Permit me to digress a little bit. Recently, I had posted a story on my Facebook page where I reflected on an incident that had happened to a friend of a friend of mine who had committed suicide in New York sometime last year and nobody knew he was going through “stuff” and he was alone in his world and decided to end it all and it got me thinking with some deep reflection and I began to ask myself how many times do we keep in touch and check up on our “friends” and “loved ones”.

Because it appears to me, of which I am also guilty of, that we always wait until something (usually bad) has happened to them and then we suddenly scramble to “keep in touch”, update our BBM statuses, leave messages on their Facebook wall so that everyone will see that we showed concern, etc. – you get the drill. I suggested that we shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to say sorry to that person who you hurt offended; don’t wait until you can no longer right the wrong you did someone; until you can no longer make peace or have a closure before you start lamenting…sometimes, like I always say: you stoop to conquer – say sorry even when you are right – the great Madiba taught us a lot.

Life is indeed too short for long drama so make peace today with everyone and be of goodwill to all mankind for nobody knows tomorrow. I have always believed that if you truly “loved” someone, you can’t “hate” the same person…waiting for someone to prove me wrong. You might not be happy with them or talk to them or can’t stand them again but you really can’t hate them! So leave the ego behind, pick up your phone and call that person – family, friend or loved one; send them an email, text or bb message or visit them if you can. A lot of people close to us are going through a lot and we may never know and all they need is the love and support of family, friends and loved ones…I hope this message touches someone out there to act today..

Coming back to the main issue, we should each look out for an opportunity to touch someone’s life, someone we don’t know and we all know the good-feeling we get when we do something amazing, right? One of such groups I havbe stumbled on recently is TheProverbs31Woman Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and also to rehabilitate and empower Vulnerable Women.

They had in December 2013, with the support of their partners, reached out to the OVCs in Kobin Madaki Community of the FCT by providing Educational Scholarships for 30 Children and rehabilitation of the single under-served primary school in the community. This was an amazing feet and one of the few stories that touches my heart. I am sure they can be supported like to many other similar groups, that may not always be able to help people reach the top, but can get them on the ladder so they can climb. To me, the sky is always seen as a take-off point and not the limit. I hope this message touches someone today and we can in our very little way reach out and bless someone out there with the hope and belief that one day, our nation can be great again…one person at a time.

I know some of you expected this to be a valentine message. Well, I hope you were not disappointed. It still is a valentine’s day message and I do hope that you all have a lovely evening with your loved ones or that special person in your life. For those who don’t have, don’t hate those who do and go about saying how valentine is supposed to be everyday. Just share the love in your heart with someone out there and God will reward you immensely. Don’t ask me how I will spend mine because I don’t kiss and tell.

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  1. stella permalink

    Nice…something to ponder on.

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