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July 31, 2014

By Chinedu Ezigbo

Nigerians came alive with the turn of political events in Ekiti state only a few weeks ago. Ayo Fayose was voted back into office for the second time, to be the next governor of the state. The campaign was thorough, the election was not just keenly contested, the process was said to be free and fair so much so that it was largely welcomed by all well meaning Nigerians including the incumbent governor, who lost the election – an usual for a politician in our society.

No one needs to be reminded that Mr. Fayose was forcefully ousted from the same position as governor in October of 2006 by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo’s dictatorial machinations, and subsequently forced into exile. He returned after the regime and laid low while he continued doing his thing in the way that every politician of this generation should imbibe. He remained with his people in every sense of the word: REMAINED; he ate with them, met them in the streets, shared a drink with them, laughed with them, cried with them and ultimately lived with them instead of running off to lick boots and butts in far away Abuja. It was no surprise therefore that the people of Ekiti worked to see their decision effected by all means honest.

What is a surprise to this writer is rather the sudden epiphany of one Mr. Ikedi Ohakim who was also one time governor of Imo state and was equally ousted out of office, although this time by the will of the people at the ballots. But it was not a surprise that the will of the people came to prevail against him at that time because he was within and outside Imo known for nothing else but bad governance which was infested with continued grease of sycophancy. At the end, Ohakim could boast of nothing but enemies in the political, academic (Imo state known to having one of the largest concentration of professors in Nigeria), and every other strata of the state including the masses; who incidentally became the most hit by his outrageous misuse of a mandate agreeably given to him.

More often than not, the last to realize the intrigues of sycophancy is usually the victim of the ego massagers. They are at it again and I want think so right now only because I do not want to think that Ohakim has become his own personal sycophant cum praise singer. Otherwise why will a man who had his type of travail in this recent past dust himself up again not in the bid to apologize to the people of Imo for wasting four years of their lives in squander, or to straighten up for the sake of himself but rather to show his face again in the claim of a desire to be re-elected into power as governor of this same Imo state?

If this is absurdity then I reiterate that common sense is indeed sometimes far fetched, for who ever convinced Ikedi Ohakim (that is if he did not do so himself) should have started by convincing him that Mr. Ayo Fayose did not go back to the Ekiti people with a magic wand. He worked for the return of his mandate. Ohakim should have been told that Nigerians, nay Ndi-Imo no longer suffer from political amnesia. Ikedi should have been reminded that GEJ’s administration is not like OBJ’s administration and has so far lived up to its promise of an independent INEC and will not influence election results even after GEJ holds up his hand in political campaign posters. He should know by now that Imo and Ekiti are almost parallel in areas of intellectualism and political awareness.

Actually this development of Ohakim’s quest for second coming sends me to wonder if he learned nothing from his first stint as governor of Imo where, as an intellectual he failed himself by not being smart enough to know that it was raining on him not to talk of being able to point out where it actually started raining on him. He failed Ndi-Imo as a politician on whose hands they reposed their vote of confidence, for not understanding the political rubrics of his times.

In our Igbocentric clime when a chief misbehaves, a commoner can cover his face with a basket and tell him to stop misbehaving. Mr. Ikedi Godson Ohakim do not bury your political career by your own hands (since it needs a miracle to rise from death). Even if you do nothing else, apologize to Imo people and take a double political sabbatical. You do not have what it takes to replicate Ekiti in Imo. You cannot be like Ayodele Fayose.

While this is an attempt at the bridling of politicians like Mr. Ohakim (since I am certain that the flea that is bound to die follows the corpse into the deep end), it is also a call to umu okolobia n’agbohobia of Igbo land to start now to be the future of tomorrow by ensuring that leadership is what we desire it to be – true and quality leadership by all standards. Not allowing selfish opportunists steal our future. By eschewing behaviors that only buy today in exchange for tomorrow bearing in mind that nke iru ka. Only so that people who do not merit to will not adorn themselves with leadership positions, titles, or perceptions anywhere but especially in the south-east of Nigeria.

Ndigbo have been there and done that and, we can do it again. Nya gazie.

Chinedu Ezigbo hails from Abatete, Nigeria.

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  1. Nollyworld permalink

    Nice one my brother, he Ohakim have indeed apologized and asked for forgiveness from imo people, some of the imolite forgave him, but he was advised not to contest again! Stay blessed bro.

  2. Izu Abatete permalink

    I was there in Ekiti during the election, there was no lingering doubt whatsoever that Gov. Fayose was a Peoples person…. Maybe, just Maybe other states can borrow a page from their (Ekiti) coducts..
    Nice work.

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