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Mr. Ebola and Mrs. Cancer

August 22, 2014

It could have been anybody and anybody could have been the first victim but my own Doctor, the very respectable Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh finally succumbed to the dreaded ebola virus yesterday…we had hoped and prayed that she would somehow miraculously get healing but as Christians, we should never mourn like those without hope, those who don’t know God…in the midst of our sorrow, there is healing and hope for our nation. Dr. Adadevoh played her part and now she’s gone…a heroine of our time.

I had initially set out to write about cancer on August 20, 2014 in remembrance of my dear friend Angela Heslop nee Faver nee Uzere departed this world on August 20, 2013 after a brief but dramatic battle with Metastatic Carcinoma of the lung at the age of 36. However, the news of the death of my personal physician in such circumstances threw me off balance for a moment and I decided to pause for a bit and finally commenced to write on both situations. Angela’s case started with a pain in her leg and the rest like they say is history. I will not bore you with the details here as you can read up the article on my blog about her and I encourage you to go to the website created in her honour to raise funds for charity è and donate today.

To some people, when someone dies they are just another statistic – a number some will say after all so many other people die daily from all kinds of situations. That may be true in itself but we should never forget that that person was also a sister, brother, aunty, uncle, father, mother, cousin…am sure you get the gist. A family somewhere is grieving as when we all say our well wishes and goodbyes and go back to our lives, they remain with the loss, forever!

While the cure for ebola is not yet found, there are promising results that some have recorded; from the miraculous recovery by one Dr. Ada also of First Consultant Hospital in Lagos to the experimental drug ZMapp which was applied to Dr. Kent Brantly of the USA and as wa seen on TV yesterday, he has not only fully recovered but came on live TV in a press conference to show the world that we have some solution that works. Only if my dear Dr. Adadevoh had received the same ZMapp, who knows…

I met Dr. Adadevoh for the first time sometime in 2004 by sheer coincidence having resumed in the Lagos office of my company and her hospital had a retainership arrangement with the company I worked for. Like so many things in life, even when my company delisted the hospital from our retainership list a few years later, I continued going to see Dr. Adadevoh for my personal medical needs because I like stability. When I got a transfer at work to move overseas, I also went to see her to inform her and request for a copy of my medical files so I can give to the doctors over here, sadly, I never got to do that until the ebola incident which made it impossible to reach the hospital.

When the news first broke that First Consultant was where Mr. Sawyer had gone to, all I remembered to say was Dr. Adadevoh oooo…because if you’ve been there, you will understand her personality – she has a presence in that hospital and I have come to respect her more because in spite of her years in medical practise, she was comfortable referring me to another doctor who was specialised in another area of medicine for a better opinion. It’s something a lot of our people find hard to do.

Back to Angela, it’s sad she is gone and being someone who has lost an uncle to cancer, I know it is not an easy disease to deal with – no disease is easy but when you see a close family member transform right before your eyes, it’s hard to watch sometimes and it’s like death slowly ebbing life out of the person and it makes you realise that there’s so much to this life than all the struggles we go through daily – at work, at home, in our clubs and associations and even in the churches. People fight like they can determine tomorrow.

I didn’t intend this to be a sermon from a high pulpit because I am as well as sinner like everyone else (I can hear someone say speak for yourself) but the truth is we will all die someday and we should pray to live a good life so that when it comes, we would not have regrets. Dr. Adadevoh and Mrs. Heslop both died good people and I can confidently say I was privileged to have come in contact with them and known that closely than a lot many people did and it is my continuous prayer that the good Lord will give their families the strength to go through the trying times and become stronger knowing that their loved one is resting in a better place.

We have all at some points in our lives lost a loved one and we all know how it feels; to the families of Mrs. Heslop and Dr. Adadevoh, we can only pray for them and ask God to take care of them. Lots of people die daily but until someone close to you dies from such circumstances, you can sometimes not understand the full import of what has happened to them and it would always look like some distance scenario being painted.

On a final note to Mr. Ebola and Mrs. Cancer, do note this: you have not won the battle. We will continue to fight until we overcome your evil ways. You have hurt so many families along the way and continue to cause devastating damage to people all over the world. One day, this too shall come to pass.

It is well!

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    Well written. More!!!

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